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Cosys IT Staffing Services

What's an IT Staff Augmentation Service?

Is a type of outsourcing service. 

In other words, we provide our clients with our resources in the form of an external hire. Usually, on a Time & Materials contract basis or with a Fixed Monthly Fee.

What are the costs associated?

There aren’t. We’ll supply everything your team needs to get started. This includes a basic hardware/software setup,  furniture, and office supplies. 

In addition to this, we provide coaching, corporate outings, tech events, conferences, and workshops. We work hard to keep everyone motivated.

Cosys IT Staffing Services allow me to hire just one software developer?

Absolutely. For instance, we have several long-term clients working just with one developer, but you can hire a whole team too. This means we’ll be ready to assist you either way and provide a free cost estimate as well as a realistic ramp-up time if your team needs to grow in the future.

How do Cosys ensure the safety of my intellectual property?

Cosys IT Staffing Services require the signing of NDAs. Above all, you own the work they produce. Therefore, you’re also free to use your own email servers or systems, as well as remotely manage your team’s workstations. What’s more, further security measures can be incorporated if required.

Cosys provide HR/administrative support for their clients?

You’ll have a dedicated HR/Client Manager so that you can always know how your developers are doing. Our accounting and legal experts will handle all aspects of your offshore software developers’ operations, including payroll, taxes, and social contributions.

What types of tech professionals can Cosys help me hire?

We work with all the current technologies. We’ll assist you in finding front-end, back-end, and full-stack developers, mobile software engineers, QA engineers, software analysts, Scrum masters, project managers, DevOps engineers, UX/UI designers, and support engineers.

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Let's work together

We’re providing IT Staffing Services to companies all over the world.


Let's work together

We’re providing IT Staffing Services to companies all over the world.


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